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The Team

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Management Team

Managing Director – Suresh Patel

An accountant by trade, Suresh has over 30 years experience in the baking industry, having built up a very successful business at Classic Cakes, which he sold in 2011, he still had a passion for the industry and set up The Heavenly Bake Company Ltd in 2016.

Operations Manager – Antonio Monteiro

Antonio has had many years experience in production management, previously as part of Suresh’s team at Classic Cakes. He didn’t hesitate to join Suresh when he was asked to come to The Heavenly Bake Company. Ant, as he is fondly known ensures we give a great service to our customers.

Factory Accountant – Uma Velayutham

Uma again, was part of Suresh’s team at Classic Cakes and rejoined Suresh when she received his call. Uma is responsible for the financial control of the business and ensuring our IT system provides us with all the information we require.

New Product Development Manager – Pauline Kennedy

Pauline brings 40 years experience of product development, having previously worked at some of the big ingredients companies. She joined Suresh at Classic Cakes in 2007 where she became Head of Product development under the new owners. She rejoined Suresh in 2016.

Quality manager – Iwona Sobczyk

Since moving to UK, Iwona has worked for a number of Blue Chip companies and is responsible for ensuring the quality of our products.

Commercial Manager – John Kennedy
John has over 40 years experience in the baking industry, the last 30 being in ingredients sales. He retired early in 2017 but missed the buzz, so when Suresh asked him to join The Heavenly Bake Company he didn’t need much persuasion. John is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with customers.